Lessons from Harvey and Irma

Here we are, another week, another hurricane.  As Texas and Louisiana coastal areas dry out and victims of Harvey begin trying to put their lives back together, Florida and those of us northward from there brace for the largest storm in history.   Already, Irma has claimed hundreds of lives and wreaked immeasurable damage throughout the Caribbean.

The outpouring of donations and assistance from people throughout America has been overwhelming.  It says much about the basic nature of human beings, in general, and about us as a nation.

How sad it is that it takes a tragedy to remind us that the things that bring us together, family, community, and compassion, are so much more important than the political, religious, and social divisions that are the constant topic of daily media broadcasts.

What if we could actually take from these experiences of natural and man-made disasters at least something that we could incorporate into our ongoing experiences, some way of reaching out to others in our families and communities and making their lives safer, more enjoyable, and more productive?

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