Pronounced Ponce – The Midtown Murders:

Peachtree City housewife Allison Embry has a problem… make that two. Her husband is cheating on her, and now she’s killed her drug-dealing, eighteen-year-old boyfriend. As one bad decision leads to another Allison’s life slowly unravels.

Atlanta police lieutenant Paxton Davis, nearing retirement, finds himself embroiled in a homicide investigation that resurrects memories of 1979, when, as a rookie, he helped investigate the murders and disappearances of thirty African American children over a period of a few months. The realization that one or more their killers may have gone unpunished still haunts him as he struggles to determine if his city is in the midst of another serial spree.

Tom Williams, at loose ends following the death of his wife, is about to embark on a road trip with his dog, Bogie, an adventure he hopes will lead to the publication of his first novel. Then his phone rings. An assassin has taken the life of another lawyer in his Midtown neighborhood… Tom’s daughter Marie, a criminal defense attorney, announces she’s coming to live with him and bringing her two sons.

With the help of a retired cop turned priest, Tom begins building a profile of the likely perpetrator. With great reluctance, his old friend Paxton Davis accepts Tom’s insights as he and his team race to prevent yet another killing.