Some Thoughts on the Peachtree Road Race

Another Fourth of July has come and gone, and along with it another AJC Peachtree Road Race.  Time to nurse the tired feet and enjoy a beautiful summer weekend.

One of the biggest advantages of running down the middle of Peachtree Street in the heat with tens of thousands of your closest friends is that it gives you time to think.  Here are some random thoughts:

  • If you don’t like running in a crowd of sweaty, crazily-dressed, half-naked people, this isn’t for you. But you might enjoy standing on the sidewalk and cheering on the rest of us maniacs.  This is also a safer way to consume alcohol on a hot morning, if you’re so inclined.  Many thanks to all you who did this.
  • Unless you’re one of a handful of world-class runners, the only thing you’re going to win is a cool t-shirt. In fact, the winners have crossed the finish line before you reach the halfway mark.  Consider that next time you feel the urge to run over that annoying walker in front of you.
  • You’re not going to pass very many other runners. I’m lucky just to get around the walkers without hurting myself.
  • You’re going to get passed by ten-year-olds and octogenarians. Get over it.
  • If you’re going to walk, please don’t do it arm in arm. You block the road for those who want to run, and you can only move as fast as the slowest among you.  Several years ago, a local brewing company had several of its employees carry a banner that stretched across most of the road.  To this day, I’ve refused to drink their beer.
  • The music along the route makes the running easier and more enjoyable. Many thanks to the local radio stations and live bands for all they do.
  • Above all else, stay as safe as you possibly can while doing something insane.

I’m already looking forward to next year.