“Picturing” a Novel

In my stories scene description is important, so I deliberately select settings I know (This also makes my research much simpler).

In doing so, I recall them from memory when necessary, but when possible I refresh those memories with updated photographs. In doing so, I find that places and business names have changed and some are gone forever.

Recently, my family visited South Carolina’s Isle of Palms, one our favorite vacation spots. Those of you who have read my second novel, Fly Away: The Metamorphosis of Dina Savage, will recall that a major character, Jeff Sax, retires there with his wife Barbara and their daughter, Misty.

They purchase a home in Wild Dunes Resort overlooking Morgan Creek. Along with the house comes a sixty-five-foot pleasure boat for sunset cruises or for sunbathing while listening to music and laughter from the deck of the bar and grill across the creek. You’ll be happy to know that the homes and the marina are still there.

Sadly, we found the Morgan Creek Grill had closed for renovation. 

Those we spoke with weren’t sure as to the date of completion but expect it to reopen soon under a new name. Hopefully, we’ll be able to drink and dine outside there on our next visit.

What no photo can capture, however, are the cries of the gulls, the scent of flowers and salt air, or the taste of fine seafood. For that you’ll need to visit… or just pick up a copy of Fly Away – The Metamorphosis of Dina Savage, available online or at your local bookstore.