Fly Away – The Metamorphosis of Dina Savage

Dina Savage has escaped a life of poverty and abuse in a rural trailer park to become the woman she has always dreamed of. Brilliant and well-educated, she builds a successful career and a personal fortune on her two greatest talents, a photographic memory and the ability to hack into computers anywhere in the world. She carries with her, though, a dark secret from her childhood, a night of sheer terror and a mutilated corpse discovered deep in the woods.

The one thing missing in Dina’s life, she believes, is a romantic relationship, someone rich and famous. Tall and boyishly handsome, talented artist Liam Sanstrom seems to fit the bill. An enjoyable evening of music and wine with friends, however, leads to an excess of drugs and alcohol, accusations of sexual assault, and a flood of repressed memories that carry Dina to the brink of self-destruction.

Tom Williams first meets Dina and Liam as an invited guest at the concert that evening. Stories following Liam’s arrest focus entirely on him with little mention of Dina. When the ensuing trial leads to tragedy, Tom sets out to the small hamlet of Clewiston, Mississippi determined to find out who this mysterious woman really is.


“This was a page-turner. Great character development!”

“I love a book that has me from page one and keeps me intrigued throughout the novel. This novel did not disappoint! It certainly went places I wasn’t expecting. Highly recommend.”

“This story grabs you from the very beginning. Lots of moving parts and plot twists make this a real page turner. Court room drama, international intrigue, and investigative journalism involving a woman from very humble, and tragic, beginnings. I couldn’t put it down!”

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