Works in Progress

In Last Gleaming – Love and Death in the Time of Pandemic, William Wakefield, whom Parker’s readers will remember from Pronounced Ponce, is now a college freshman. He meets and falls in love with Misty Sax, whom we met in Fly Away.

William is pursuing his dreams of becoming a journalist. With help from his grandfather, Tom Williams, William is already penning features about the new life-altering technologies generated by Atlanta area universities. Misty’s plans to transfer to the University of Georgia, however, threaten to toss a wet blanket on their budding relationship.

Detective Beth Long, recently returned to the Atlanta Police Department from maternity leave, investigates a grisly murder scene in West Midtown, one that lays bare a child prostitution operation that threatens a U.S. senate candidate’s career.

Set against a backdrop of industrial espionage and international intrigue, William and Misty’s progress seems doomed… Then COVID-19 hits.