Pronounced Ponce – The Midtown Murders

Ray Dan Parker’s third novel takes us on a high-speed chase through some of Atlanta’s most colorful neighborhoods.

Suburban homemaker Allison Embry believes she has gotten away with killing her young boyfriend… until she gets a call from his drug supplier with a proposition that threatens to destroy her family and the comfortable life she has built.

Atlanta police lieutenant Paxton Davis, nearing retirement, must find the Midtown Murderer before he strikes again. For Davis, this case is all too reminiscent of the 1979-1980 child murders that marked the beginning of his career.

Widowed newspaper writer Tom Williams plans to pursue his lifelong dream, to travel the US and chronicle his experiences. Then Tom receives word that an unknown assailant has killed a third lawyer nearby. As he ponders what else can go wrong, his daughter, a criminal defense attorney, calls to say she’s leaving her husband and moving home with her two sons.

For Parker, storytelling is all about the characters. Here we meet an assortment of eccentric people, from the affluent to the destitute, the good, the bad, the unforgettable.


“A really good read and an easy one too. The charters were well written and easy to follow. Sometimes it enjoyable to lose yourself in a relaxing book. Definitely recommend this novel to everyone who wants to lose themselves for a few Hours without the usual cast of characters that require deep thinking. Grab yourself a glass of wine get comfortable and enjoy. Can’t wait to see what else this author has lined up.”

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“Read this in three days, fast paced, pulls you into the story and characters…”

“This is a read you can’t put down. It gets better with each page that you turn! It was well edited and written. Lots of twists and turns that don’t give the reader time to come up for air. Settle in and enjoy a wonderful thrilling mystery….​”

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