Pronounced Ponce – The Midtown Murders:

Peachtree City housewife Allison Embry has a problem… make that two. Her husband is cheating on her, and now she’s killed her drug-dealing, eighteen-year-old boyfriend. As one bad decision leads to another Allison’s life slowly unravels. Atlanta police lieutenant Paxton Davis, nearing retirement, finds himself embroiled in a homicide investigation that resurrects memories of 1979, … Read more

Fly Away – The Metamorphosis of Dina Savage

Dina Savage has escaped a life of poverty and abuse in a rural trailer park to become the woman she has always dreamed of. Brilliant and well-educated, she builds a successful career and a personal fortune on her two greatest talents, a photographic memory and the ability to hack into computers anywhere in the world. … Read more

Unfinished Business

In April 1968 twenty-six-year-old newspaper reporter Tom Williams travels to Atlanta to cover the funeral of Dr. Martin Luther King. Inspired by this experience, he returns to his hometown of Monrovia, Florida seeking justice in the lynching of a childhood friend, a young Black man falsely accused of rape and murder.  For Tom this is … Read more